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2020 Twenty: Create Order Out Of Chaos

I spent the last half of 2019 slowly putting this #2020Twenty project together, but I was stuck on number 19 for weeks. I couldn’t come up with a 20th goal that I felt good about. But then over Christmas my father-in-law mentioned the phrase “create order out of chaos“ and it stuck. I looked around my house, my life and saw what a mess it was. I saw how chaotic it was, and I knew that creating some order HAD to be my final goal for the year.

I've mentioned this before but the five of us live in a 900 sq/ft home and with Ethan and Madison constantly needing more and more equipment (Purolator just delivered another shipment of 13 cases today!), we are officially out of space. So, it’s time to create some order out of this chaos and minimize anything possible. I’m going to start with my closet. In fact I already have. I had about 30 towels from my business that I had been holding onto because some had never been used before and others had only been used once or twice, so knowing this goal was now a part of my #2020Twenty I sold them all.

That was the easy part. There was no attachment to those towels. It’s getting rid of my clothes that will be more challenging. I think we’ve all heard the rule, that if you haven’t worn it in the last year, it needs to be removed. But how many of us follow that? I have items that probably haven’t been worn in four or five years. Those are the items that need to be donated or sold to make room for my new suit!

From there, our shed/home office is next on my hit list. Since Lisa hasn’t been using it for work for the past few months, it has turned into a catch all storage locker. Half of it I’m sure can be thrown out. It looks like I have a deadline on this one, as Lisa is scheduled to go back to work in March, so it would feel so great to have this task done prior to that return date.

And then finally our kitchen; the hub of our house. It's a disaster. Everything needs to be addressed and dealt with. The counters... the kitchen table... all the space that isn’t being properly utilized. One big thing I did already at the end of November not even knowing it would be part of this goal, is that I put together a charging station for all of our devices and tablets. You have no idea how much this has helped!!!

So there you have it. The final goal of my #2020Twenty is to create some order out of the chaos. To clean up. To maximize efficiency. The ironic part of this final goal, is that if I can complete this goal and maintain it, all the other previous goals will fall into place a lot easier as they won’t get lost in the chaos and clutter of my life.

Here’s to 2020 and making it a better year than last year, no matter what that may look like. Thanks for following along and supporting me on this journey. Keep following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to my blog and check back periodically for updates and to see the progress I’ve made on my #2020Twenty


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