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2020 Twenty: Frame Artwork

OK, so I'm going to assume we all have something like this in our life. A task, a goal, a project that we could get done in a few hours if we set our mind to it and made it a priority... but it's gone years without being completed. I had a previous goal that was similar to this one, but that one - with installing lighting, flooring, carpet and drywall, would need to involve a handyman, perhaps even a skilled contractor. For this goal, it doesn't require anything or anyone but me going out and buying a frame.

See, I have artwork that is over five years old that I've been carefully protecting in these bend proof, cardboard envelopes meant for fragile goods. They are commemorative birth certificates for each of my kids. When my kids were born, not only did I order them the required, legal birth certificate, but I also selected a commemorative birth certificate that the province of British Columbia has had commissioned. There are 36 stylized murals depicting regional scenes of B.C. that we picked from, selecting what we assumed might match each child's personalities. They have caused me so much stress, because I'm always worried they're going to get damaged, but I have never actually just framed them and hung them. For three years, they have sat hidden in these envelopes, rather than being enjoyed by me, by my kids and by those who come into our house.

Then several years ago, for our tenth wedding anniversary my wife gave me what is quite possibly the most unique and creative gift I've ever received. See, we stick to the gift guide as much as possibly. 1st year = paper. 2nd year = cotton. 3rd year = leather. Etc. Etc. So for the 10th year it's aluminum or tin. That year, Lisa had a piece of artwork custom made for me out of Coca-Cola cans. But it arrived unframed and I've just never done anything with it. It too is in a very space spot on the top shelf of our closet. No one has ever seen it before. I have only seen it a few times. I want this on my wall.

To make matters even worse, only a few months later my father-in-law gave me the gift I had been asking for, for over a decade. Apparently everyone thought it was a joke, and when he realized I was dead serious, he figured out how to make it happen and delivered the gift of all gifts. He bought me an official share of Coca-Cola. When it arrived, I got all the legal paperwork that comes with being an official shareholder. Still to this day I get quarterly cheques in the mail with my dividends, and once a year I get an invite to the annual general meeting. But the item that makes me smile the most... the item I want to show off... the item I want to see every single day, is the authentic registered stock certificate, embossed with the corporate seal, signed and everything! It too is sitting on the top shelf of my closet. I know it's there, but no one else does.

Why aren't these precious things on my walls? Each one tells a story. Each one represents something very special and meaningful in my life; and each one makes me smile. So again, why... why have I put this off for so long?!?

This is the goal on my #2020Twenty that MUST get done. If I fail at the remaining 19 goals, but complete THIS ONE, I will still end the year happy and feel it was a success and worth it to do. Because for this goal, all I need is for someone to take me to Michael's! And if no one wants to do that... I'll go by myself! Seriously, if you're reading this... please hold me to this. Before summer, ask me to send you a picture of my framed artwork! If I don't, then ask me again in September. Hold me to this. It MUST GET DONE!!!


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