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2021 Twenty: Create an Epic April Fools Day Prank

I like to have fun. I like to laugh. I like to tease people. I like to pull pranks; and if I’m ever pranked in return, most often I will find it hilarious and congratulate you on a well played situation. As you can see from the picture above, this way of life has already been passed down to my kids. Furthermore, you can see my true colours emerge in that rather than rush to my innocent and unsuspecting little one-year-old Ethan and pull him from harms way, I instantly grabbed my camera to capture the prank in photo and video instead.

My poor mother-in-law has been subject to countless pranks and endless teasing from me over the years. What makes it even better (or worse for her) is that she is gullible and falls for most everything I throw at her.

My favourite is to steal something from her when we see each other in person. She will often help herself to a drink, and I have her routine memorized already. She grabs a glass from the cupboard and then sets it down on the counter. She turns her back to the glass as she walks over to the freezer to get some ice cubes. I slip in behind her, and quietly put the glass back into the cupboard while she is reaching into the freezer. Then I watch as she spins in circles with a perplexed look on her face as she tries to recall where she left her glass. A few seconds later, usually JUST before she reaches for a new glass she realizes what has happened and yells my full name - like any annoyed or frustrated mother would do to their kids!

Childish? Perhaps! But she knows that I only tease those whom I love. It puts a smile on her face, makes us laugh and life goes on. The crazy thing is that two hours later this exact same scene plays out all over again.

April 1st is a day made for me! I look forward to it every year. Not only do I absolutely love hearing about all the enormous pranks created by companies like WestJet (remember Kargo Kids?), Taco Bell (remember the Liberty Bell prank?), Burger King (remember the left handed Whopper?) IKEA (remember couples counseling and the Swedish massage center?) and Google (remember the Screen Cleaner?), but I also love attempting to create my own pranks.

However it’s usually just Lisa who is nearby and easy pickings to be my victim. But she has become aware of this and it’s getting increasingly difficult to prank her. So, I’m looking for a new target. I have a couple of friends in mind, but I’m still not entirely sure who to select and what to throw at them. It may just have to be my Mother-In-Law. The funny thing is, I know she is reading this right now... and I STILL think I could prank her on April 1st! Thankfully she's a good sport about it all.

And then there are my kids. They know me as the prankster who relentlessly teases them. But I have never unleashed an April Fools Day prank on them yet. Liam is 6 years old now, so maybe this is the year to introduce him to the traditions of April 1st. I can see him loving the concept and wanting to get me back right away. One year, I’m sure he will.

But I’m only focused on this year for now; and I have an itch. I have this desire to produce an epic April Fools Day prank on someone... or everyone. And I'm fully aware that it's supposed to come as a surprise, and be unsuspecting, but I guess I'm wanting to challenge myself this year. I have honestly been thinking about this for a few months now, and wanted to make it a goal - but have struggled with exposing these details, as most would keep them a secret and surprise.

I ran a test on one of my friends a couple of months ago. I pretty much told them in advance I was going to send them a ridiculous, bogus video. The next day I did - and they fell for it, admitting they were gullible yet should have known better seeing as I had warned them it was going to happen.

Then my mother-in-law. How is it that I can steal her glass... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she comes to visit?

So with that in mind, I decided to publish this blog anyway, listing in great detail my plans and goal for this year. Will it work? I actually think it still will. I just need to be clever about who I chose and what the content of the joke or prank is. The only thing I haven't fully accounted for is if somebody thwarts my plan and this all backfires in my face. But I'm gonna take my chances.

The 19th goal of my #2021Twenty is to produce an epic April Fool's Day prank. You've been warned!


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