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Conquering the Kitchen

As a stay-at-home Dad of three kids under the age of 5, some days it’s impossible for me to conquer the kitchen.

I’ve been asked a lot in the past year “how do you do it all?” Well the truth is: some days I don’t. Some days I can’t do it all on my own, and I need help. Some days Chefs Plate sends dinner to my door, and all I have to do is unpack it.

Yesterday was one of those days. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and lately I’ve been falling further and further behind. So, I figured with it being Canada Day, it would be the perfect opportunity to have a backyard BBQ!

This summer, Chefs Plate is offering 14 flavourful recipe options each week PLUS one brand new BBQ-Worthy meal kit just in time for backyard grilling season. These recipes which go beyond the typical Canadian summer classics are perfect for any day of the week, without the worry of recipe planning or grocery shopping.

We got the Spicy Bacon & Avocado Burgers with Arugula Salad. Essentially it was like a burger version of the BLT… but better, because of the avocado and Sriracha Aioli.

But then the rain hit, and it hit hard! Just like that, our backyard BBQ washed away. But if I’ve learnt one thing since becoming a Dad, it’s the skill to adapt. And the cool thing about these meal kits, is that while they have been especially developed for the BBQ, they are equally as delicious made on your stove top!

So, we moved the BBQ indoors and the REAL RESULTS (not sponsored) were nothing short of spectacular. Of all the things packed in the box Ethan’s eyes bulged out at the Arugula Salad! Ethan… my autistic 4-year-old who only eats cheese crackers and chicken nuggets!

Liam surprised me too by devouring an entire burger - with all the toppings! The food was fresh, the flavours were fantastic!

Listen up! I don’t promote products I don’t believe in 100%. Even being a former chef and having a good grasp of menu planning and kitchen skills, as a stay-at-home parent I still can’t conquer the kitchen every single day. That’s where Chefs Plate helps me get it done. Seriously… Ethan ate Arugula Salad! Enough said!


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