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How Did I Know?

For the first year of her life, Madison progressed normally, albeit slightly slower than her younger twin brother Ethan. But we thought nothing of it.

In fact we kept justifying it by saying “well, she was born five weeks early… she’s a premie… it’s no big deal”. Because eventually she always figured it out. She started rolling over, babbling, grasping, crawling, pulling herself up on furniture, and even took a few independent steps.

She appeared completely normal at birth and for the entire first year of her life. Madison, for all analysis, was meeting her milestones. She was a bit petite for her age and both twins had a bit of reflux, but overall there were no major concerns or issues...until there were.

Slowly we started to notice that Ethan was moving along through his milestones a lot quicker than Madison was. In the beginning, Madison was a few days or maybe a week behind Ethan. Then it was a couple of weeks. Then a month. And then sadly one day, Madison started to miss them completely.

Madison sat up, grasped and played with toys, rolled over, crawled, smiled, interacted with us and the world around her and was a typically developing baby girl...until the Rett mutation took over or was activated.

We had no idea what was in store.

Join me again tomorrow for an exclusive private video that I’ve never shown anyone before. This is the most precious 20 seconds of video footage that I own… you’ll want to see this… I guarantee it!


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