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“I Unfriend Trumptards and Anti-Vaxxers like you!”

...said a Facebook “friend” to me seconds before she did just that. Funny thing is though, I’m neither of those things. And really? You believe that calling someone a “Trumptard” is going to be the winning comment in an argument?!? It’s funny... but it’s more sad.

I seldom engage in online arguments and rants. They are usually so petty and ridiculous that it’s not worth it. Sometimes I glance at the comments if the thread has 100+ comments; but only if I need a smile or a laugh.

But today I engaged. I guess partially to support my wife who was very engaged in the battle unfolding on her Facebook page but also because one of the comments rubbed me the wrong way.

This high school classmate of mine from 20 years ago - who I haven’t actually seen or spoken to since graduation- was spewing hateful, emotionally charged, irrational thoughts and opinions around and claiming they were fact.

There was no logic anywhere to be found. She was contradicting her previous posts, she clearly wasn’t even reading what she was writing anymore and she was claiming that she was in complete control of her and her kids destiny. Essentially, she believes that she is in complete control of if and when her family will get sick, contract a disease and/or die. When I made the comment that “if you’re meant to get a disease and die... then there is nothing you can do to prevent it”, she thought that was a “bold and stupid” comment to make and hopes I didn’t just jinx my kids into dying a horrible disease ridden death.

She clearly is living in fear with far too many insecurities plaguing her. Halfway through the argument while still insulting and belittling Lisa, she dropped a very personal attack on us, and then quickly unfriended and blocked both of us before we could reply; frantically searching for a couple last insults like “Trumptard” and “anti-vaccinator” to throw at us on her way out.

But her personal attack got me thinking. Why DID Madison contract Rett? There was nothing we could have done. It’s not because she ate no-name brand applesauce rather than organic, it wasn’t because she was formula fed instead of breastfed, it wasn't because she has always slept on her tummy and never her back, it’s a genetic disease - but I’m not married to my sister... or my cousin..., and to engage the vaccination argument (click bait to get more comments on my post! 😂) there isn’t a vaccination for Rett.

So, why did Madison get Rett? What did I do wrong? How could I have prevented this? As far as I know, not a single person in the world would tell me that I could have prevented it. It’s a spontaneous mutation. No one knows why. So, how could I have controlled this? How is it “stupid” of me to say that if a disease is meant to attack my child... it’s going to attack?!?

What am I supposed to do in this situation? In a moment of ignorant, misinformed fear, I was called a Trump supporting, anti-vaccinator! So should I (a Canadian) have “voted” for Clinton and had my child vaccinated for Rett to ensure my child doesn’t get “sick with the disease”?

First of all... Google “Rett Syndrome” and spend just one minute reading about it and then get back to me.

Secondly, I. AM. CANADIAN! American politics just makes me laugh. For all I’m concerned Trump is keeping Twitter in business. Nothing more. I don’t like the guy. But the more I think about it... don’t HER rash decisions to hate, insult, belittle, hastily unfriend and block remind you of someone? Maybe I’m wrong. She seems to think so.

And thirdly, I WOULD vaccinate for Rett if there were such a thing and if it meant no one else would ever get it.

But seriously, why is a disease so vicious attacking girls who are so beautiful for apparently no reason at all? What purpose is it serving? What lessons should I be learning?

Will I ever learn why it feels as if there is a big target on my back as I walk through life, from one obstacle to the next? Probably not. Now while I don’t believe it’s fair and I feel very picked on and singled out... the best thing I’ve learned is that we’re not in control of anything. We are mere mortals... pawns, in the game of life.

They say a special needs parent will become an army for their child. Well it’s beginning already. Now, personally I don’t care if you support Trump or not, I don’t care if you vaccinate or not, I don’t care if you go to church or not, I don’t care if you eat vegan non-GMO organic food or not. I believe you have the right to make whatever decision you want to make. And I will never unfriend and block you for making those choices.

HOWEVER, if you hate other people (especially my friends and family) for THEIR choices and publicly ridicule, humiliate and belittle them - well then that’s a different story. Yeah, I’m going to remove you from my life. So, to my high school classmate... thank you for removing yourself from my life so I didn’t have to throw you out.


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