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Live Your Passion

I don’t know how to describe it, so I’m not sure why I think I can write about it, but there is a feeling I get when I’m doing something special with my kids. I get a very similar feeling just on a much different level of intensity when I’m producing a concert. And then while it may sound trivial or silly, I also get that feeling when I crack open an iced cold Coca~Cola and take the first sip. I believe it’s passion.

Passion can be described as having “intense feelings” or “strong beliefs” for a certain person, activity, object, etc. and I want to believe that “living my life with passion” describes me.

I don’t want to live any other way. When I’m immersed in something I’m passionate about, I’m the happiest I’ll ever be. And isn’t the pursuit of happiness what life is all about? I think so! So, pursue your passions! In my opinion, it’s that easy.

Why don’t more people turn their passion into their profession? It’s absolutely astonishing at what you can accomplish if you are passionate about what you are doing. Not only have I seen this first hand - I’ve lived it and I’ve experienced it. I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible simply because passion is greater than skill. You can be skilled in something - cooking is my best example - and be able to follow a recipe and make a “perfect” soup. But answer me this? Why is that soup NEVER as good as Grandma's soup? Grandma never even went to culinary school! No, it’s because Grandma made it with love. It wasn’t a job or a chore to her. She was passionate (she had intense feelings and strong beliefs) about making phenomenal food for her family! And that’s why no one can ever replicate Grandma's recipes.

Passion is what makes us unique and memorable. Others enjoy seeing our passions, because it’s fascinating and interesting to them. So, why are so many people afraid to embrace their passions. Or they apologize and diminish them. No! This is who you are. You should be living your passion!

I want to challenge you this month to find something that you have “intense feelings” or “strong beliefs” for, and embrace it. Expose it. Bring it to life. Some describe passion as a spark within themselves. To which I ask, “why just a spark?!?” Using that metaphor, my passions are roaring forest fires!

Spend a day or two doing some soul searching and try to discover what makes you the happiest. When you’ve determined it, then go out and make it happen.

We only get one life - you might as well make it a passionate one!



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