My Selfish Form of Self Care

Did you know that only 13% of the photos on MY OWN Instagram account from last year are of (just) me? And of those 23 pictures, 35% of them came from my #5DadsGoWild weekend trip in September. And did you also know that the pictures of JUST ME… on MY OWN Instagram account, are the least liked photos. Just scroll back to December 31st and remind yourself of my #TopNine. Not only did all three of my kids make the top nine (even though all Liam got was a blurred out photobom

2020 Twenty: Explore Rattlesnake Island

OK, so yesterday was a bit heavy, but that's life. However, not EVERY day has to be like that, so today's goal is on the lighter side... filled with fun and adventure! For locals, this goal should need no further explanation. But for anyone else, Rattlesnake Island has a lot of history, drama and mystery going on. First of all, it's an abandoned island in Okanagan Lake and obviously seeing as its an island, there is no way to get there other than on / in the water with a b

2020 Twenty: Hike the Berg Lake Trail

OK... seriously. If you discovered there was a stunning, secluded glacier lake in your province that shared your name, wouldn't you want to see it?!? The only catch is that it's a 21 kilometer hike into the mountains to get there! This has been on my bucket list for a decade now, and its not getting any easier to find the time or to make the trip. The first person I went to with this idea was my brother, because I know how proud he is of our family name too and he's way mo

2020 Twenty: Buy a New Vehicle

I've always wanted a brand new Cadillac Escalade. That has been my dream car for many years now - even though I've never even sat in one before! Then over the years of producing concerts I got to drive a GMC Yukon a lot and fell in love with it. Essentially it is the same body as an Escalade, it's just not quite as luxurious and doesn't have the coveted Cadillac emblem on it. Then just a few months ago, Ford sponsored the #5DadsGoWild camping trip that I'm a part of and t

The Best Support Group I Never Wanted To Join

Feelings of isolation quickly flooded into my life at the beginning of 2019 after we received our second Autism diagnosis, a Rett Syndrome diagnosis and I was told that I was headed down the path of MS. I had already discovered that my new identity in life removed and isolated me from the staus quo… but with each passing day it seemed I vanished a little bit more. See, unfortunately I discovered early on that being an active, engaged and invested Dad is less common than you

Don't Cry Because It's Over... Smile Because It Happened!

It was just one week ago, yet I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. Its the one weekend I look forward to all year long. And I don't even like camping! Well, that's what I thought before I found myself intertwined in #5DadsGoWild. This was the second annual trip, and the five of us picked up right where we had left off. To some degree it didn't even feel like we had left. Well, besides the obvious difference... this year our campsite was covered in snow! It was an i

Meet the 5 Wild Dads

We are just one week away from our annual camping trip: #5DadsGoWild Just one year ago five blogging, social media influencing, photo taking Dads met for the first time in the middle of the forest. Literally. A little insane? Yeah, that's what we all thought. Technically, it all began online in a Facebook group. From there we formed a group chat and began talking on a daily basis. We began following each others' stories and journey online. We encouraged each other, and

The Year That Was... 2018

For as long as I can remember, my favourite part about the week between Christmas and New Years has always been finding all the "Year in Reviews". I love them! I'm very nostalgic. I silently watch the calendar and even the clock a lot more than anyone realizes, often reliving in my mind what I was doing or where I was a week ago... a month ago... a year ago. But I've never made my own; and so, it begins! 2018 began with a six-week, mad dash to the finish line of a brand n

"Lets Go Camping, It'll Be Fun" THEY Said!

This past weekend I went camping for the first time (in my adult life)! It all started three months ago with a random, spontaneous Facebook call out from someone I had never heard of before. The pitch sounded exciting and like nothing I had ever done before. Furthermore, if you've been following our brand, Parenting 101 for any length of time, you will know that one of our mandates is to rebuild "the village" that has been lost in recent years. So, what better way to be in