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2020 Twenty: Take a Professional Family Photo

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then I think the picture above says it all. The last "official" family photo we took was in the summer of 2016. Liam was 1 and Madison and Ethan were just 2 months old. We look a little different four years later! It would be nice to take one EVERY year moving forward, unfortunately the last three years have just been too much to handle. We survived and that is the important part... even if we don't have any family photos of the journey.

I don’t know why... but it seems to be in our nature as parents to want a nice family photo. Because I’m assuming you understand the desire I’m expressing here. You might be in the same boat as I am where this is on your list too. And coming out of the holiday season, it seems that sending a Christmas card to friends and family with a picture of your family as the focal point seems to be the thing to do. Maybe it’s just the pinnacle of peer pressure and conceited acceptance… but having a professional portrait of my family would make me feel good.

However, the stars will have to align to get a good photo of our family. We discovered that just last month trying to get a photo with Santa. I never shared it publicly, because while TECHNICALLY all five of us are in the picture surrounding the big jolly guy in the red suit… I had to hold Ethan the whole time as one of us was kicking and flailing and screaming blue murder. Ethan wasn’t cooperating either! 😜

Then add in Madison and it’s tough to get her eyes on anything but her tablet, so the photographer would need an assistant holding the tablet above or behind the camera the whole time.

Liam is fine… except for what I shared last month regarding his eyes. Remember how I discovered that he uses his eyes independently leaving the other one to wander and most often fall in. I was told his life is going to be just fine and likely the ONLY difficulty he would encounter is posing for pictures. Go figure. And then I throw this goal of mine at him. He’s going to hate me.

And then once we have all three kids are smiling and looking at the camera, Lisa will blink or I’ll probably yawn and looked drunk or high and we’ll ruin it all and have to start over.

I’ve got a new plan... who is good at Photoshop here?!?


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