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2020 Twenty: Start Working Out or Go to a Gym

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Yup, lump me in with the rest of the world. I'm going to try to go to the gym in January.

Hopefully I'm still there in February! 2019 was a rough year for me. Possibly the worst year of my life. I literally felt my body begin to deteriorate. Whether this is due to age or my MS diagnosis, does it really matter? I want to be as strong as possible for myself and for my kids. I want to be healthy and fit and 2019 saw me fall hard and transform into "dad bod" and I'm not okay with that.

I've always had a body type that people are jealous of as it never took much to maintain it and for 15 years I didn't gain a pound no matter what I did. Now, I've had great careers that helped me with that. I think an active, hands-on chef burns 2,943,532 calories each shift (give or take 2 or 3). Then I moved into event planning. Now while the actual planning does nothing for your physical health, because it's desk or coffee shop work, the event days make up for that and then some. 10,000 steps? HA! I had that logged before breakfast, especially when the show was at an arena or stadium.

But now being at home for the past two years has been a huge adjustment for me and I haven't made it gracefully. Something's gotta give. Recently a new 24 hour gym was built close to my home. I'm thinking this will be the answer for me. The scary thing for me is that I literally have never EVER been to a gym before. Sure, I've seen them but I've never been IN one.

So, exactly two weeks ago now I signed up and began going to the gym. I took my "before" pictures and measurements so that I can see if there is any physical transformation that occurs during the year. I've been there five or six times already. I tried a treadmill for the first time in my life. Being a runner, I've always heard how horrible those things are, but have never experienced it. It sure doesn't compare to the path or the track, but I'll get used to it over the winter, and will be primed and ready to hit the trails again in April.

Everyone has these beliefs that there is a certain time of day that is the optimal time to work out, but if it comes down to working out or not - I don't think it matters. So if you can't sleep one night, come do some squats with me at 2AM.

The only thing missing about this goal... is the specific goal. I don't know what I want to achieve other than to feel better. I don't have any concrete, tangible target. That's not very SMART, if you know what I mean. But I'm not going to let that stop me, and perhaps a SMART, specific goal will emerge as I go.

For now, not falling on the stupid treadmill or stair climber will be my goals.

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James R.C. Smith
James R.C. Smith
04 de jan. de 2020

Good for you!

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