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2020 Twenty: Increase Social Media Engagement

Today’s goal definitely needs an explanation, because at first glance it could appear all I want to achieve is getting more likes on my posts - and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I want more than that. I want to start conversations. I want to connect with those of you following me and reading my content. I want to establish and foster long-term friendships.

On January 1st when I first published this 2020 Twenty project of mine, a few of you messaged me and shared YOUR goals and resolutions with me! You have NO IDEA how excited that made me. That in itself was the start of me achieving this very goal. Because from there, I asked each of you if I could be an accountability partner for you and carry on the conversation and build the friendship through accomplishing our goals together this year.

To me, THAT is increasing engagement online.

See, blogs are just one sided conversations that no one wanted to have with you. And that’s coming from ME! - the blogger of the year! But social media is different; it’s supposed to be SOCIAL. The purpose is to spark authentic conversations with those in your network.

Did you know that I only have ONE friend (defined as communicating privately with each other at least once a month) who I DIDN’T first meet online?!? Everyone else has come into my life as a result of the internet and social media.

I even met my wife Lisa online! And that was in the 90’s before Google existed! Back then, online dating and finding love on the internet was still seen as taboo! (is and FriendFinder even still a thing? Not that that's how we met, but I think those were the only dating sites back then!)

This year I’ve met more people and made more friends online than any other year before. Instagram is where I’ve found “my village”. However, I was never expecting my village to literally be scattered around the world.

From just across the bridge in West Kelowna to Caroline, just a few minutes away from where I grew up. From Vancouver to Sudbury, from Fresno to London and everywhere in between… the new friends I’ve made this year online is all that’s kept me going.

This year I want to learn even more about you, as I share more about myself. I want to initiate more conversations with you, while replying to more of the comments and messages you leave me. I want to engage more! For me it’s not about quantity of followers or likes, it’s about the quality of the relationship and engagement that comes from those followers and likes; and that's what I want to increase.

That’s the goal.


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