2020 Twenty: Tomorrowland

Updated: Jan 7

This should be #1 at the top of the list, but truth be told... I'm a bit embarrassed to even have this on my list. It's enormously unlikely this will EVER occur, let alone in 2020 but it's the "I can now die happy" item on my bucket list. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed because THIS is who I am, but very few (if any) people know that or understand it. In fact, even my wife's first response to hearing this goal was, "Do you even have any friends who like EDM?". Sadly, she's right. In fact, I don't think I know anybody who can even name a song by any of my top three favourite artists.

A month ago I was streaming a concert on my laptop with my headphones on while I was making dinner, and Lisa walked in and asked what I was listening to. Knowing how much she hates EDM I just replied by saying "my favourite DJ just released a brand new concert from Amsterdam". She responded by asking if it was "that Archie von Trapp guy". It was at that moment I knew I didn't stand a chance of finding anyone to share this dream with.

This is a European thing. Canadians aren't into raves and EDM. Every summer, over 400,000 people invade Belgium and see their dream of attending Tomorrowland come true. I wonder how many of them are Canadians. Truth be told I've never seen a Canadian flag in any of the live streams that I've watched in years past. Regardless, I'm 99% certain that none of my friends even know what Tomorrowland is. I'm also 99% certain that if forced to answer, they would say its a region in Disney World. This leaves me at an impasse as while its entirely possible to go by myself and meet new friends when I get to Belgium, I'm not really interested in making the trip alone.

Then there is the age factor. I get it... music festivals like this are designed and produced for the college aged students. The 20 somethings. And I would probably feel slightly uncomfortable - but let this sink in: The two biggest headliners Tiesto and David Guetta are both over 50! Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren (aka: "that Archie von Trapp guy") are both in their 40's. Age is just a number.

AT THE VERY LEAST!!! I want to see either Armin Van Buuren or Don Diablo in concert this year. I'm so upset that I missed Armin Van Buuren in May (2019) and that I didn't hear about Don Diablo coming to Vancouver in October (2019). Does anyone wanna rave with me in 2020? Or maybe I should alter this goal and spend the year searching for a friend like my wife suggested. Maybe I need to pay closer attention to who is coming to perform in Vancouver and start with a small road trip with that new friend. Then try again in 2021... or even 2022 and make it my big 40th birthday celebration! That would work... because house time is any time and any time is house time! (yeah I know... nobody gets it... that's fine!)

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