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Dad Blogger of the Year

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The voting for the Dad Blogger of the Year has begun, and once again I am so excited and grateful to have even been nominated!

Writing has always been a passion of mine.  I began writing scripts (that actually were produced and performed) in elementary school which carried through into high school and beyond.  I also wrote entire short story books just for fun as extra curricular projects as I continued to grow up.

I filled countless diaries and journals prior to starting my first “weblog” in the late 90s.  After that, I joined and from there, well... the rest is history.

Two years ago, a few of my friends encouraged me to share my writing with others.  They suggested that I make my social media profiles public and embrace my roll as a stay-at-home Dad and the unique story I had to tell.  Then last year I was blown away when I found out that I had won the inaugural Blogger of the Year award.

In the past year, finding content has never been a problem.  It’s finding the time that is most difficult.  Most nights I can’t wait to toss the last kid in bed so that I can have some time to myself and begin writing.

I always blame the fact that at any given moment I have so many thoughts, stories and narratives bouncing around in my head, if I don’t get it out somehow, my head will explode.

Recently I’ve found my groove with micro-blogging; which is ironic as brevity is one of my greatest weaknesses.  But the challenge of fitting my stories into 2200 characters on Instagram has made me a better, more concise writer.

It has become my go-to for self care. Without fail, the moment I hit “share” I feel lighter.  I feel like I can breathe a little easier.  My story telling has become therapeutic for me, while others have told me it’s been inspiring and motivational for them.

I guess it boils down to the fact that if I had friends in the real world, then I wouldn’t have to yammer on about my day on the Internet.  So, here’s to all you wonderful followers who read my character capped captions, occasionally follow the link to my blog to read even MORE and then take the time to leave a comment, message me or like today... go and vote for me.


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