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Everyday Autism Heroes

Who is your #EverydayAutismHero?  They are all around us, but do we truly notice them?  I’m sure you’ve heard this quote before: “not all heroes wear capes”.  Well, that couldn’t be more true than within the autism community.

I continuously share parts of my story where I ​tell you how my life got flipped upside down with the diagnos​es we’ve received.  Before that, I was so naive.  Like most of you, I hoped and prayed for healthy, ​neurotypical kids.  I remember being in the delivery room when each of my kids were born and I assumed that if they came out breathing with ​ten fingers and ten toes...we were all good.  Boy, was I wrong.

Since then​, my eyes have truly been opened to this amazing community that often goes overlooked.  See, it’s not really a community that any parent WANTED to be a part of.  That fact alone demonstrates how brave so many people are for CHOOSING to enter this community, even when they don’t have to. 

There are countless volunteers, businesses, self-advocates​, and community members who’s actions and achievements promote the values of an inclusive society for the autism community.  These are the everyday autism heroes who DON’T wear capes - unless of course its part of a costume game during therapy!

Once again this year, Autism BC is hosting the annual BC Autism Awards presented by Applewood Auto Group. Award winners receive $1,000 towards a project that promotes inclusion within the province of British Columbia. 

So, join me today by nominating an #EverydayAutismHero in one of these four categories:

▫️ Volunteer of the Year

▫️ Self-Advocate of the Year

▫️ Inclusive Employer of the Year

▫️Regional Community Impact Award for Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Interior or Northern BC

Go to for more details and to nominate someone.


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