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MS Read-a-Thon

Where are my readers at? If you’re following my social media accounts, with my endless, character capped captions and links to even more writing on my blog, I tend to think you enjoy reading.

Well, I want to ask you to step up for me in the month of February. I usually get uncomfortable asking for something for myself. I like to take care of my kids, my family, my friends and those around me first. But when the MS Society of Canada asked me to be an ambassador for their Read-a-Thon, I immediately thought that many of you would be likely to get on board with this - and in turn support me in my battle with MS.

With over 40 years of fun, MS Read-a-Thon is a program you may remember from when you were a kid. Now you can share your childhood memories with your own kids in this new and reimagined MS Read-a-Thon program.

If you’re a parent of a school aged child, I want to ask that you REGISTER for this program with your kids and join my team (The DABers). While I am looking for donations, I would prefer you register and join my team, and then ask your network to donate to you and YOUR child!

Please trust me when I say I was pleasantly surprised at the fun, highly interactive website that the MS Society has built for this Read-aThon. Liam literally woke me up this morning asking if we could log on to see if we had more team members or donations and to check the leaderboard. We have already earned some badges and are well on our way to our first reward.

If you don’t have any little ones under foot, that’s okay too. You can still register as a “big kid” and read with us, or maybe you can support me, my kids or someone on my team with a DONATION.

This February, let’s build awareness for multiple sclerosis and help raise important funds to support MS research to find a cure and improve the quality of life for Canadian’s affected by MS.

Register your child for free and make today’s readers tomorrow’s leaders by visiting


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