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It's Time to WIN a New Car

Do you remember the last time you bought a brand new vehicle? Did you celebrate? Did you name it? Did you immediately go for a drive or did you take it straight home?

It’s been more than a decade since I drove a new vehicle. I’ll always remember my first one though. I was 21 years old and had just gotten a big promotion at work. After being turned down at the Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships, I found my first companion at Pontiac: a bright, yellow Sunfire.

The dealership was close to where I worked, so the day I picked it up I just drove it straight to work, as I started work at 4PM. But then after my shift was over at 2AM, I took it out to stretch her legs a little. I found a quiet Highway and let her go. My odometer hadn’t even rolled into double digits yet when I saw the blue and red flashing lights behind me for the first time. I showed the officer the odometer and explained that I was merely trying out my new car for the first time, but she still gave me a $200 ticket.

On October 25th, at 8:30PM (PDT) the final AutismBC raffle draw will take place during the online 2020 BC Autism Awards Ceremony streaming LIVE on YouTube. Someone here in British Columbia will win a brand new Nissan Kicks SV, and I have to wonder what their first story will be.

The cool thing with this raffle is that you will be helping to raise essential funds that will go towards autism initiatives in your community. Autism touches 1 in every 40 children in B.C. which means there are thousands of families across the province who each year rely on AutismBC for support on an annual basis.

Along with this main raffle where a brand new car, a 75” Smart TV and a 256GB iPad will be awarded, there is also a 50/50 raffle where you could win thousands of dollars!

So join me in supporting this amazing cause that is very near to my heart and perhaps on the 25th you’ll be driving home in a brand new Nissan Kicks! Click the link HERE for more info and to buy your tickets.


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