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2021 Twenty: June 26th

Well, this is it. The final goal of my #2021Twenty and I’ve saved the best for last. Or at least the most exciting one. The only problem is that I can’t tell you about it yet.

For my oldest friends, the ones I’ve known the longest, this is par for the course. I was infamous for this as I constantly posted teasers and anticipation builders for concerts and events I was producing. Due to contracts and confidentiality agreements, we had specific dates we had to abide by, and most often we couldn't let the primary details slip out, just peripheral details like perhaps the date and location. It was like a "save the date" if you will.

Well, just like old times I started a new project a few months ago with a friend. We have it tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 26th. But with everything that's happening in the world, we just want to wait a little longer before we make the big announcement. The last thing we want is to get everyone excited, and then have to retract the announcement.

So, unfortunately for now, that's all I can say, but just know we're hard at work on something very exciting. In fact, tomorrow we have another very important meeting that will shed a lot of light on the future of this project. Hopefully by April we will know if we can release all the details or not. Lets just say I've already got a bottle of Coca~Cola and a Mars bar ready.

Stay tuned!


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