2021 Twenty: June 26th

Well, this is it. The final goal of my #2021Twenty and I’ve saved the best for last. Or at least the most exciting one. The only problem is that I can’t tell you about it yet. For my oldest friends, the ones I’ve known the longest, this is par for the course. I was infamous for this as I constantly posted teasers and anticipation builders for concerts and events I was producing. Due to contracts and confidentiality agreements, we had specific dates we had to abide by, and

2021 Twenty: Create an Epic April Fools Day Prank

I like to have fun. I like to laugh. I like to tease people. I like to pull pranks; and if I’m ever pranked in return, most often I will find it hilarious and congratulate you on a well played situation. As you can see from the picture above, this way of life has already been passed down to my kids. Furthermore, you can see my true colours emerge in that rather than rush to my innocent and unsuspecting little one-year-old Ethan and pull him from harms way, I instantly gr

2021 Twenty: Write My Will

It’s no coincidence I’m following yesterday’s goal of “living” with today’s goal regarding death. Like a lot of content creators, I plan and schedule my posts in advance, so I’ve known the entire list of goals for a month now, and arranged them in an order that I liked… and when I got to these two goals, I thought it would be fitting to put them back to back with each other. What I didn’t plan for was that a horrific real life example would make this goal even more of a prior

2021 Twenty: Get Busy Living

I have come to see the world differently this past year. I think everyone has in their own way, and I’m very disappointed in what I’ve seen. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of things that have existed for as long as I’ve been alive, but as we’ve all been isolating some things have come into focus for me like never before. Let me assure you that I have never nor will never say COVID was “fake” or that it wasn’t real or serious. However, in my opinion COVID was anything BUT unp

2021 Twenty: Figure Out Kindergarten Transition for My Twins

It is devastating for me to realize that in June five years will have passed since my twins were born. As I mentioned in previous blogs, for us, because of having three kids under the age of two and then with the diagnoses, we missed out on so much in these last five years. The days have been so very long, but these past few years have just blown by so fast. With Madison and Ethan turning five this year, that means they are both set for the scary transition into Kindergarte

2021 Twenty: Go Flyboarding Again

If you’ve been following my blog every day through my #2021Twenty you’ll have seen that the last two days are actually physical and activity goals of my boys that I’ve adopted as my own goals seeing as they can’t accomplish those goals by themselves. Today however is all about me. I have lived by Okanagan Lake (arguably one of the most popular lakes in the country) for over a decade now. It wasn’t more than a year of two after moving here that I witnessed probably the most

2021 Twenty: Go Ice Skating with Ethan

So, just yesterday I told you how I was raised like a typical Canadian boy. Skating by the time I was 3 or 4 and playing in little league hockey by the time I was 7 or 8. Well, I have failed my kids. They have never been on ice before. I have told you before and shared stories about how having three kids under the age of 2 just crippled us. Then less than a year later, the big transition occurred where I became the stay-at-home parent and Lisa went to work. I was super p

2021 Twenty: Register Liam in Pee Wee Football

I grew up watching NHL hockey like every little Canadian boy. I learnt to skate at a young age seeing as we literally lived across the street from the hockey arena. When I was 8 or 9 I started playing hockey and essentially grew up like a typical Canadian boy. As I approached my teen years I discovered watching football was equally as fun - Canadian football that is. My father introduced this to me around the same time I met a new kid who would end up becoming my best frie

2021 Twenty: Plan a Party

I love live events. I love parties. This should come as no surprise to anyone. I went to college to become a certified event planner and then I built a concert production company all from the desire to turn my passion into a profession. I retired at the end of 2017 and became a stay-at-home parent. People always ask me if I plan to go back and do it again. Sadly, my gut feeling has always been “NO”. But that’s not to say I will never plan an event again. Perhaps it won’

2021 Twenty: Drive Down a Road Never Travelled Before

There are 719,000 kilometers of roads in British Columbia (BC). 65 of them are major numbered routes. Those are huge numbers considering I've only driven on 12 of them. I like exploring. I like adventures. I love road trips. But I have hardly scratched the surface of what BC has to offer. One of the official taglines for our province is "Explore BC". I think there is even a social media account with that as their handle. But with British Columbia sitting on nearly one

2021 Twenty: Learn 100 Words of Sign Language

Every Tuesday is speech language therapy day around here. If you've been following my families journey, you should know that Ethan has Autism and Speech Apraxia which has left him with a very limited clear and understandable vocabulary. Madison has Rett Syndrome which has left her 100% nonverbal. So it should go without saying that communication has been challenging around here. Over the past few years, I think we have tried every single communication option. We have even

2021 Twenty: Take One Evening Off Every Week

If you thought my goal yesterday of writing a book was a big goal, today's goal is even more ambitious. Although, I’m certain I will get my book written - IF - I can somehow accomplish today’s goal. The eighth goal of my #2021Twenty is to take one evening off every week as self care. This is going to be incredibly difficult for me because my entire family relies on me for absolutely everything. With three special needs kids and a wife who is also very sick, both mentally an

2021 Twenty: Write My Book

This morning I made a friend with an eighty-year-old grandma at the laundromat. She was super friendly yet lonely at the same time and was looking for someone to talk with. She asked me a bit about who I was, and after I gave her the 30 second elevator pitch on my life, she raised her eyebrows and somewhat sarcastically said, “you should write a book!” When I responded that I had already begun, she was so excited that she reached for her purse and wanted to know if she cou

2021 Twenty: Get Laser Eye Surgery

I’ve had glasses since I was 10 years old. That’s nearly 30 years of wearing glasses or contacts - and I’ve hated them the entire time. I have two physical things about myself that I really struggle with, and one of them is having to wear glasses. That’s why (unless you drop off your kids to the same school as me, first thing every morning) you will seldom, if ever, see me wearing glasses. I was raised to have thick skin. To “suck it up”, “deal with it” and to "carry on".

2021 Twenty: Personalize and Embroider Christmas Stockings

As I cleaned up Christmas earlier this week, I was already thinking about next year. We really did sacrifice Christmas this year for the potential sale of our house. Now, while we didn’t plan the floor renovation for the week of Christmas, that’s just how the sugar cookie crumbled for us this year. So, maybe you can understand now why I am already looking forward to next year. The other thing that was on my mind as I was cleaning up, was that we have very little in the way

2021 Twenty: Plan and Organize Christmas Again

Christmas has most often been a letdown for me. A lot of hype for the month of December and then the two weeks off at the end of the month are most often very anticlimactic. It's never been a special holiday for me. In fact, I can't remember a single Christmas that stood out for me. But that changed in 2012. Lisa's parents hosted the entire family for Christmas. 18 people at the time (16 adults and 2 one-year-olds). It was a bit of an overreach if you ask me, but there

2021 Twenty: Buy a New House

Today’s goal might seem to some like the obvious continuation of yesterday’s goal, but I can assure you selling our house and finding another one to purchase are two completely different and unique challenges. With the average single family home here in Kelowna just shy of $700,000, buying a home is not a simple task for a family of five trying to survive on one income. We have been looking since we put our house on the market back in May, and have been excited to find severa

2021 Twenty: Sell My House

In May of 2020 we put our house up for sale. You may know the story already of how we can to acquire this house in the first place - if not you can read it HERE, but real briefly... In 2016, just days after our twins were born, we were illegibly evicted from our rental for having said twins. Instead of fighting, we took it as an opportunity to enter the world of ownership. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy, and just eight days before we would have been homeless, we found t