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2021 Twenty: Personalize and Embroider Christmas Stockings

As I cleaned up Christmas earlier this week, I was already thinking about next year. We really did sacrifice Christmas this year for the potential sale of our house. Now, while we didn’t plan the floor renovation for the week of Christmas, that’s just how the sugar cookie crumbled for us this year. So, maybe you can understand now why I am already looking forward to next year.

The other thing that was on my mind as I was cleaning up, was that we have very little in the way of Christmas décor. See, last year when I went to retrieve our Christmas décor, I discovered it had all been damaged beyond repair. We had to throw it all out. Tree, stockings, ornaments, garland… everything! So, we started to rebuild. A very generous family gifted us a new tree along with some basic ornaments. Then I went to the dollar store and purchased some more items.

One of these items was new stockings. Maybe I don’t give dollar stores enough credit, but they were surprisingly nice and well crafted. When I brought the stockings home, everyone immediately loved them. We all picked one stocking to be our own from the six different designs within the matching theme.

This year however, when we unpacked the stockings, we couldn’t remember whose stocking was who’s. I actually had to look back at old pictures from last year, to figure it out. However, once we got it all straightened out, it was clear once again that everyone loved their stocking. These dollar store stockings have found a way into our hearts and as it stands right now, may likely be our forever stockings.

But there is something missing. Our names. People get a lot of stuff personalized. We like seeing our name on items that mean something to us. We get business cards made for our job. Some people get vanity plates for their vehicle. If we play sports, we live for the day we get our name printed on the back of our jersey. We engrave or emboss our monogram, name or signature into a wide variety of items such as towels, journals, clothing, purses and bags. And we personalize and embroider our name onto Christmas stockings.

This is the fifth goal on my #2021Twenty. Have each person’s name of my family embroidered onto their own Christmas stocking. It’s an easier and perhaps simpler goal than others I have. But remember that easy “frame my artwork” goal I had last year? The one that I now had to push forward onto my new list once again this year? Yeah, it didn’t get done. So, I’ve learnt that an “easy” and “simple” goal, doesn’t automatically mean I can achieve it. Besides, I don’t know how to embroider! The good news is that I have 352 more days until Christmas to get this one done. Maybe one of Santa's elves will help me.


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