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2021 Twenty: Write My Book

This morning I made a friend with an eighty-year-old grandma at the laundromat. She was super friendly yet lonely at the same time and was looking for someone to talk with. She asked me a bit about who I was, and after I gave her the 30 second elevator pitch on my life, she raised her eyebrows and somewhat sarcastically said, “you should write a book!” When I responded that I had already begun, she was so excited that she reached for her purse and wanted to know if she could buy a copy immediately!

This might sound like a crazy story, but the crazy part is that I’m used to this already. It’s far from the first time this has occurred. I am so sick and tired of everyone telling me to write a book, that I’m planning to silence them by actually doing it.

The cool part of this is that I love writing. It comes easily and naturally to me. It only takes a few minutes for me to whip off a 2,500 word text message to a friend - and then realize that no one ever wants to receive a text message that long! Yet, you’re likely following me because you enjoy reading my character capped captions, my microblogs and even my full length, rambling essays and articles.

I’ve always got something to say. I’ve been called a “captivating storyteller” before and people keep telling me that they actually enjoy reading my stories; they WANT to read them. Furthermore, some of my stories could be classified as inspiring, motivational or helpful to others going through similar circumstances. Now I don’t know if I have what it takes to grab the attention of a publisher, but I want to try.

I often joke with people and tell them that “I’ve begun writing a book… I’ve already got the page numbers written!” But the truth is I’ve got more than 20,000 words written, and another 20,000 words in note form. That’s half a book right there!!! I’ve got eleven chapters all laid out, formatted and titled. The thoughts and ideas are all there. It flows nicely. It makes sense. I just need to fill in the blanks now.

The seventh goal of my #2021Twenty is to finish writing my book. 1,000 words a week and it’s done; and like I said earlier, I easily dwarf that number EVERY DAY! Just look at this blog. 500 words right here, and I’m writing 20 of these in 20 days! It’s just a matter of finding time to myself without distraction. Come back tomorrow to see how goal number eight will help with that! But for today, it’s all about finishing my book.

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