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2021 Twenty: Sell My House

In May of 2020 we put our house up for sale. You may know the story already of how we can to acquire this house in the first place - if not you can read it HERE, but real briefly...

In 2016, just days after our twins were born, we were illegibly evicted from our rental for having said twins. Instead of fighting, we took it as an opportunity to enter the world of ownership. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy, and just eight days before we would have been homeless, we found this vacant house (while looking at another house nearby). We didn't like it, it was too small, we didn't feel it was safe and it had no useable yard for our kids. But we had no other option. So, for the past four years we've tried to make the best of it.

But if we thought it was too small back then with two adults, a one year old and two infants, imagine how we feel NOW with three special needs children who are 4 and 6 years old. I mention the special needs aspect only because of how much literal and physical baggage comes with a special needs child. Standers and walkers and strollers and highchairs and wheelchairs and peanut balls and multiple 68L tote bins to name just a few of the "small things" we need to find space for in our 900sq/ft. house.

We need more space! There is no escape, no reprieve from the others cohabiting in this shoebox. There is no where to go. With Lisa working from home for three years now too, it has just added to the stress and anxiety of feeling trapped, confined and claustrophobic. Oh, and did I mention there is only one bathroom? Now that the boys are potty trained, we have four people fighting for the one bathroom. It doesn't work anymore. It never has.

It's time to go. We never liked it to begin with, it's far too small and we've come to the end of our patience trying to polish this turd. I DID invest a lot of time and money into the yard, and that I will miss dearly. But, as nice as the yard has become, it doesn't overshadow the fact that we have outgrown the house itself.

I would have never assumed that the house would be on the market for 220 days and counting, especially when the average in our region is 12 days. But here we are. We've tried everything - most recently installing brand new flooring end to end, every square foot. This was actually goal #9 of my #2020Twenty that I had made five months before we even decided to sell. You can find that post HERE.

So, we wait. We wait and hope the right person or small family comes along and likes our place. And with that... selling this house is the second goal on my #2021Twenty.

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